On Coaching

"It was very helpful. I would be very glad to give a (glowing!) reference!’  (on its way!)"
- Laura
"Hi Sue,
That was so very useful today... thank you, thank you, (although now my head is buzzing with everything I need to do... that's probably a good thing too!)"
- Riana

On Workshops

"Many thanks for coming along to talk to us. They raised £44,000 for Childline in 24 hours. What did you say?!"

- BT Managers’ Fundraising Workshop


On Organisational Management

"I know Sue through the Royal Society for the Arts and through the work she has done advancing the reputation of the Purcell School of Music. I can vouch for her persuasiveness, diligence and professionalism. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative." 
- Richard Donkin, FT Journalist & Author

On Operational Planning

"Thank you for setting up such a perfect day and marshalling us so brilliantly. I do appreciate the hard work, focus and attention to detail-and your good cheer.   Thank you!"
- JNT, Charity CEO

On Mentoring

"Thanks as always for your help and kind advice.  I need breathing space to think through plans and talking to someone like you is really so good."

- Senior Public Sector Manager